Australian Property Projects


Development projects completed by APP in the past 27 years have included:
  • Redevelopment and strata-titling of more than 400 multi-level units in Perth, WA;
  • Construction of more than 200 new medium density and detached dwellings in Darwin, NT;
  • Development of broad-acre residential land division
    projects in NT;
  • City Edge,Brompton, SA –A major inner city residential townhouse project, undertaken via a joint venture, of more than 300 properties in cooperation with the Land Management Corporation. This site required the remediation of a significant level of historical contamination.
  • North Edge – Conversion of Aurora’s Red Centre Resort into an exclusive residential estate on the northern side of Alice Springs.
  • The Heights (SA)

    A new retirement village comprising 65 dwellings, residents' community facility and extensive natural open space located at Bellevue Heights in the Adelaide foothills. This project is a joint venture with a group of Adelaide investors.

  • South Edge, Alice Springs (NT)

    This redevelopment offers 40 two-storey townhouses in Alice Springs, NT. Select from one of the 20 units that are to be tenanted by the Northern Territory Government for 10 years, or from 20 units that you can occupy or place on the open rental market.

  • Ghan Estate, Alice Springs (NT)

    This joint venture comprises the development of 18 hectares of industrial land into investment parcels and tenancies constituting a prime industrial estate.